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November 1 marks the annual celebration of All Saints’ Day, a Holy Day of Obligation, and a Solemnity in the Catholic Church. The day is dedicated to all the saints of the Church who have attained heaven. As a Solemnity, its observance begins in the Church with prayers the “eve”-ning before. This is, of course, “All Hallows Eve”, or as some may call it – Halloween!

“Long ago in Ireland and Britain, Christians would come together on All Hallows Eve to ask for God’s blessing and protection from the evil in the world. The source of the modern celebrations stemmed from the donning of saintly and evil spirit costumes to act out the battle between good and evil,” explains Catholic Online.

Everest students, dressed as all different saints, began All Saints’ Day celebrations with all all-school Mass and moment to honor Fr. Daniel Pajerski on his last day at Everest. Following Mass, the academy students had their annual All Saints’ Day parade singing “When the Saints Go Marching In.” In the afternoon, students participated in activities and games – complete with the annual goldfish prizes!