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All new this year, Everest Academy students participate in a monthly spirit assembly at the end of the month. During the assembly, the students gathered together in the academy gym begin with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance led by the middle school student council before the announcement of the Mountaineers of the Month, who are students who have distinguished themselves by living out the specific virtue of the month. Before singing the school fight song, the assembly concludes with an activity before the students are dismissed to return to class.

October’s spirit assembly also recognized the winners of the Golden Ticket Campaign as part of the Everest’s national anti-bullying month campaign, “Let the Christ in you see the Christ in others.” Special mention was given to our academy fall athletes, especially the 4/5/6 girls and boys soccer teams who both won the CYO league championship for their respective leagues.

The middle school student council provided a fun demonstration of the human knot, highlighting the importance of working well as a team in order to achieve a goal. The assembly ended with the fifth-grade girls leading the school in signing the fight song.

Special congratulations to October’s Mountaineers of the Month who were recognized for living the virtues of the month: respect for the elementary students and purity, a path to true love, for the middle school students. Congratulations Mountaineers!

October Mountaineers of the Month

First grader Amy Walker was recognized as Mountaineer of the Month. Mrs. Fazzoni had this to say about Amy. “Amy is a kind and respectful student who always thinks about the needs of others. She is reverent during prayer both in our classroom and during chapel visits. She demonstrates her respect for learning by consistently submitting quality work.”

Nolan Neiman, second grade, stood out to his teacher Mrs. Keusch for his respect this month. “Nolan is very thoughtful and caring. He has the right attitude when it comes to making choices and showing respect towards everyone.”

Third-grade teacher Mrs. Ohlinger commented on Drew Berney’s living of the virtue of respect. “He is always putting the feelings and needs of his classmates ahead of himself. He shares well with others and is thoughtful in the classroom. He often offers to help his teachers and his peers.”

Emmerson Phyle, fourth grade, was also honored at Mountaineer of the Month. Mrs. Duhaime congratulated her for her accomplishments. “Emme is an outstanding student who excels academically and socially.  She is well loved by her peers because she is always respectful.  Emme puts her heart into her school work.  She listens to directions, other students, and teachers.  Emme encourages other students, which shows respect.  Finally, Emme is always willing to help when necessary.  Keep up the great work!”

Abigail Legg, sixth grade, was recognized as a middle school student for her living of the virtue of purity, as a path to true love. Mrs. Radich commended Abby’s efforts saying, “Abby is always very helpful. She often brings projects from teachers home to work on. You will often see her smiling and helping others.”

International student Esteban Alvarez, seventh grade, was also honored as Mountaineer of the Month. “Esteban always has a smile on his face and always a kind word for his teacher and his classmates. He exemplifies the virtue of purity in his intentions and his actions.  He is a pleasure to have in class,” said English teacher Mrs. Beggs.


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