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EC Drama presents Anne of Green Gables the weekend of November 9-11. Click here for show times and information. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.  Everest students are working hard to prepare the final details of the production. Some of the actors shared what they are looking forward to about this particular play.

“I am most excited about seeing the whole show come together on stage. It is always exciting when the show comes all together with hair, makeup, costumes, and (hopefully) memorized lines. When the show comes together, it feels amazing and it is wonderful to be able to share it with others.” – Danielle Brown (Anne Shirley)

“Why should someone come see this play? Because it is a wonderful coming of age story and a great depiction of family life and friendship.” – Olivia Mandziuk (Diana Barry)

“What makes this EC drama production different? This production is different in the sense that there are people who have never acted before in main roles. Not to say that this isn’t common, but these specific people are ones who I would have never guessed would even be interested in drama in the first place.

My favorite scene is one that I can’t go into detail on so I don’t spoil the show, but it’s one that is towards the end of the second at where I’m really able to act it up and make a dramatic scene. I love acting out scenes that involve a fit of emotion, so this scene – as challenging as it may be – is right in my wheelhouse. What is the scene you ask? Come to the show and find out!” – Grace Miller (Marilla Cuthbert)

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