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School field trips can have many educational benefits for students including exposure to real-world applications of the information they are learning in the classroom, as we as exposure to the arts, culture, and experiences that students may remember for a lifetime. Everest Academy’s third and fourth-grade students have recently had the opportunity to enjoy field trips.

The third-grade girls went to the Miller Schoolhouse at Greenfield Village to experience what life was like during the mid-1800’s. They recently read about this time in history in their novel The Little House on the Prairie. To make it a more authentic experience, the girls dressed up like pioneer girls and even packed a mid-1800’s lunch!


The third-grade boys took a field trip to Indian Springs Metropark to learn and classify animals. They were able to observe how nature is changing seasons and how animals are getting ready for the winter months. They got to view and touch the skulls and pelts of many animals native to Michigan.

The fourth-grade girls and boys spent the day at the Sloan Museum and Longway Planetarium having a great time creating marker robots and looking at the night sky. Students had hands-on experiences connecting and modifying circuits as well as finding the cardinal directions based on stars and constellations!

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