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Part of the human formation offered at Everest is the annual forensics public speaking event. Being an effective public speaker gives an individual the ability to make a difference in his or her occupation, in the greater community, and in the world. Effective public speaking is influence, and influence is leadership.

All Everest Academy students participate in forensics through the in class presentations. Students in first through fifth grade who received a superior rating during their in-class presentation participated in the final forensics exhibition on Thursday, October 18. Students in middle school who received a superior rating advanced to the final competition. Congratulations to all participants in the final events!

Elementary participants

1A-Mrs. Fazzoni

  • Magnolia Heasley
  • Drake Navarro
  • Charlotte Stacey
  • Gianna Wolschleger

2A-Mrs. Keusch

  • Vincent Mirjah
  • Alejandro Gonzalvo
  • Max Schlaud

2B-Miss Wildrick

  • Allison Ivory
  • Victor Cronin
  • Sophie Werner
  • Rachel Luginski
  • Max Iyer
  • Michael Foskett

3G-Mrs. DePorre

  • Aurora Gonzalvo
  • Sofia Arinez
  • Mary Groves
  • Carrie Walker

3B-Mrs. Ohlinger

  • Joseph Moran
  • Robert Schramek
  • Nicholas Jeggle

4G-Mrs. Duhaime

  • Avi Cronin
  • Giselle Wolschleger
  • Hannah Megala
  • Elena Nieman

4B-Mr. Mitchell

  • Brandon Thomas
  • Matthew Ivory
  • Mauricio Ramirez
  • Jihno Fantin

5B-Mr. Sapienza

  • Cameron Tong
  • Luca Gjonaj
  • Jake Marshall

5G-Mrs. Nielson

  • Zoe Abraham
  • Madelyn Gulda
  • Lilly Hamilton
  • Louise Neme

Middle School


1st           Amelia Shripka

2nd          Erin Carr

3rd           Mercedes Arinez


1st           Luke Walker

2nd          Demarco Valentino

3rd           Mariano Alatorre