Everest sets high, yet attainable, academic expectations for its students. Solid intellectual formation provides a wealth of knowledge and an ability to think, speak and write clearly, coherently, and persuasively. Students develop habits essential for ongoing success after graduation including study skills, concentration and critical thinking, perseverance, and a desire to produce high quality work.

The Everest faculty is intentional about curricular vertical alignment – providing consistency and a natural progression for students across the grade levels. This alignment assures that the Everest education provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the content area while adequately preparing them for each successive step in their development and learning.

So while the second graders are current learning about how bones and muscles work together… (This week they made an elbow out of rubber bands, balloons, and toilet paper rolls.)

… the high school girls were discovering the visible spectrum… They enjoyed the awesomeness of refraction glasses, looking at white light and seeing it split into the visible spectrum.

… and the EC boys were finding protists (one-celled organisms) in the pond water from Queen of the Family Retreat Center! They found rotifera and paramecium!

They also experienced the joy of looking at Jose Pablo Reynoso’s cheek cells!