Every year Everest’s Grandparents’ Day is one of the highlights of the fall months. Academy grandparents join their grandchildren for Mass and a reception. The students are always excited to show their grandparents their school and classrooms, while grandparents are overjoyed to get to know more about their grandchildren’s school. International students participate in the event with their host families. Grandparents always leave with a photo of the day as a memento.

A few grandparents have many grandchildren at the school, but the Walker grandparents are still in the lead with 15 grandchildren.

This year grandparents shared their wishes for their grandchildren on banners in the lobby before they left for the day. The messages were filled with prayers and wishes for peace, happiness, success, healthy, love, and many blessings. Thank you, grandparents, for joining us for such a special day and for all you teach us!