Preschool moms and students gathered for their annual mother & child retreat on Wednesday, September 26 which included a spiritual talk for moms, snack and craft time, a visit to the chapel, and fun on the playground.

Homeroom mom Sara Naranjo shared her experience of the morning, “The mother and child retreat was a great opportunity to take a break from everything and reflect on the precious gift of motherhood.  It helped me realize that I’m not alone on the journey. Even though at times it seems like chaos has taken over my life and my thoughts, I feel reassured by the thought that motherhood is a gift and that God has chosen ME to help ‘shape’ this little human being into a man of God. And as overwhelming as it sounds (and actually is), I am encouraged by knowing that He has also given me the ‘tools’ to accomplish my mission. He’s given me – and all of us –  his Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother to be at my side 24/7. So, we are going to survive… my family is in good hands.”