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There are a lot of exciting things going on in the classroom at EC. Here are some of our faculty’s highlights from the first month of school:

“The game design class has been working hard on creating their own card games. We will be starting Beta-testing soon and posting the rules to the games online in the coming weeks if you want to play them yourselves.” -Mr. Mileski

“It is an old tradition to have government students learn to recite the preamble to the Constitution or to memorize part of the Declaration of Independence.  It is important to hold these words in our hearts.  The senior boys are particularly energetic learning things mnemonically.  It is funny to hear them vary their cadence and emphases all sorts of crazy ways.  But, the method works.

The discussion of what truths are  ‘self-evident’ and what rights are ‘unalienable’ brought about fresh appreciation for our country and its unique founding.  Some of the students said they had never before considered what these words mean and why they were so deliberately included in founding documents.” – Mr. Peterson

“The most entertaining assignment thus far was when AP Lit wrote their own creative satires. The class was left laughing over the students’ humorously artful critiques of such relatable topics as coffee dependency and procrastination. Meanwhile, ninth-grade boys’ theology focused on the Blessed Mother’s birthday on September 8 along with our virtue of the month, charity, by offering individual acts of charity as a birthday gift to Mary.”  – Miss Mellis

“It has been so exciting seeing all of the returning students and meeting all of our new students so far this school year! I have really enjoyed discussing the virtue of charity with our students early in the year.” – Mr. Stencel

“Favorite moments so far:

  • students bringing in and hanging up pictures of what inspires them
  • learning cool body tricks in anatomy & physiology
  • daily Mass
  • freshman girls and boys collecting roly polies to experiment on
  • getting to know the students’ personalities
  • the freshman girls bringing a HUGE mushroom to me that they found while on retreat (then taking it outside to see if it was a puffball by trying to pop it)
  • students saying they love how much we are in lab because we are “actually doing science and not just talking about it”
  • the great philosophical lunch discussions in the staff lounge….

pretty much everything about EC!”  – Mrs. Willertz