Writing the book was the easy part, says Anna Beer, who will be at senior at Everest Collegiate this fall. Ann recently published her book The True Story of a Dreamer’s Faith, the true story of the pony who captured so many hearts before her disappearance from the Carnival Grounds back in 2015.

Anna’s love for both writing and horses began when she was young. Before long, she was writing about horses, and the rest is history. The real feat in the release of the book was the publishing process. Anna had to learn about the steps to take to retain the rights to her book, the editing process, ISBN numbers, cover designs, and much more. Anna also expressed gratitude for the many people who supported her in the process of writing and publishing the book.

A student at Everest since preschool, creative writing has always been a favorite part of Anna’s English classes. She has developed excellent relationships with her teachers over the years. In particular, Anna expressed gratitude for EC English teacher, Maria Mellis, who helped with editing and storyline development of the book. When asked her favorite part of the story, Anna replied, “My favorite thing about this story, is, of course, the pony, but she also stands for the bigger statement of what God did in my life, and how he shaped my faith with a little baby pony named Faith.”

Anna’s book can be purchased online or at Arizona Saddlery in Clarkston. Anna will be hosting two book signings at Arizona Saddlery on Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18 from 12-2 P.M.