The Nallamothu Family

May is always a month of celebration for the senior classes at Everest Collegiate. As they finish up their high school careers, they mark with joy the last time wearing the uniform, the last time dialing a frustrating locker combination, the last time handing in a math assignment, or the last time rushing to beat the tardy bell. Much of this time is spent sighing in relief, and looking forward to perceived freedom, but every once in a while there is a moment for nostalgia, reminiscing about all that has been accomplished in the course of four years and all that will be missed. One of those opportunities for reflection comes in an evening spent gathered with family, teachers, and administrators: Senior Honors Night. This year we celebrated the incredible accomplishments of the Class of 2018 in the beautiful setting of the Pine Knob Mansion Carriage House. Parents, siblings, and grandparents sat with their graduates, admiring the young men and women as they received awards recognizing four years of diligence. After a lovely dinner and awards show, the students gathered to view a slideshow honoring their growth and friendships. The evening was capped off with the requisite snapping of selfies: teenagers cramming together in front of the lens of a camera phone, marking another milestone accomplished on the road to graduation.

JC James is honored with a Marine ROTC scholarship.