Each year Everest students are given numbers from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a summary of the Church’s doctrine, to study at home. Teachers review the questions in class and students take a written quiz weekly, finishing the year with a test. Each year’s questions build upon the year before, so by eighth grade the students have covered a lot of material, strengthening their knowledge of Catholic faith and morals. This exercise is an important part of their Catholic formation, and we congratulate this year’s winners who were honored at the First Friday Mass in June.

2017-2018 Catechism Winners

First Grade

  • Lauren F.
  • Rachel Luginski
  • Allison Ivory
  • Isabella Bowden

Second Grade

  • Sofia Arinez
  • Aurora Gonzalvo
  • Adam Tiboudan
  • Jonah Reichert

Third Grade

  • Aviannah Cronin
  • Lea Jeggle
  • Brandon Thomas
  • James McGrath

Fourth Grade

  • Zoe Abraham
  • Louise Neme
  • Cameron Tong

Fifth Grade

  • Sarah Bradley
  • Maddie Krappmann
  • Reegan Littleton
  • Julia Massarello
  • Erin Surmann
  • Erica Walker
  • James Williams

Sixth Grade

  • Katy Flemming
  • Evan Olejnik

Seventh Grade

  • Jose De Nigris
  • Ameilia Shripka

Eighth Grade

  • Lucia Dominguez
  • Andrea Gonzalvo
  • Celeste James
  • John Morrison