The Everest Varsity Baseball team received the following note this week. This is the second message the school has received about this team. We are our proud of our athletes and our coaches. Thank you head coach Joe Delisle for your dedication and leadership among our young men:

Good Afternoon! Hello!!! My name is Kevin Cooper. I had the privilege of umpiring your Varsity Baseball team on Tuesday, May 29th when they were being hosted by the Holly High School. First, let me tell you what a class act everyone on that team was. From the head coach down to each player on that team. It is evident that you are helping to shape some fine young men at your school. Even after taking a pretty good shellacking in the game, your young men still had awesome attitudes. I am certain you are proud of them before they ever donned the uniform, but I wanted to tell you they represent you and the Lord exceptionally well. After we were done, I overheard your head coach invite the Holly coach to join them in a post game prayer. I immediately spoke up and said, “I’d love to join you!” One of the players was super excited!! He asked, “Really, Blue? That’s awesome!” I don’t think they have ever had any umpires join them before. I told your players I had three kids in St. Lorenz Lutheran School in Frankenmuth and they thought that was pretty cool! You see, I am new to Christianity and will soon be baptized. I struggle every day to not only find the path I am supposed to be on, but to not stray from it once I do. Moments like the one(s) I shared with your Varsity baseball team help to show me the way forward. They bring me closer to God and allow me to feel his presence. It was amazing to share a moment like that with a group of young men who love the Lord and the great game of baseball. I believe this may have been the highlight of my season! Thank you and keep up the amazing work you are performing at Everest.

Sincerely and very respectfully yours, Kevin R. Cooper