Members of the EC Class of 2018 left a legacy for future generations of Everest students. Together with their teachers Mr. Stencel and Mr. Nguyen, they constructed two 3D printers for the STEM curriculum at Everest. EC  2018 graduate Caitlin Quinn reflected on the additional to the program:

“As someone who is wholeheartedly invested in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, I am overjoyed to see Everest expanding their resources to welcome two new 3D-printers. I have been on a robotics team for the past five years and have worked on many engineering projects to help our community. Having access to a 3D-printer drastically changed my ability to produce inexpensive, yet effective parts for numerous projects. Everest students will now have access to machines that can bring their ideas and designs to life from a 3D computer model. While assembling the printers, I had the opportunity to meet with students from fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades to demonstrate the capabilities of such fascinating machines. The enthusiasm I saw in reaction to the new printers was truly touching. I’m thankful and delighted to be a part of Everest’s technological development! It gives me great satisfaction to know that these students will have opportunities that I could only have dreamed of. I trust that Everest students will take advantage of these blessings that we’ve been so fortunate to receive.”