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Following are the EA Mountaineers of the Month for May and June:

Since the beginning of the school year, Gianna Wolschleger has grown socially and academically, said her kindergarten teacher Mrs. McGrath. “She puts her heart and best effort into all she does. She is a great listener and looks at people when they speak.”


Logan Martin is always helpful, according to her second grade teacher Mrs. Keusch. “She works very hard to finish her work and puts forth the best effort she is capable of doing. Logan uses her time wisely and completes her work with quality in mind. When adults speak, she is an excellent listener.”

Mrs. Keusch also said her second grader student Zekie Abraham is attentive to whoever is speaking, especially adults. “He works hard and completes his work without wasting any time. Zekie certainly doesn’t allow others to distract him, nor does he do anything to get them off task.”

Another second grader, Nora Nedwick, is always helpful, said Mrs. Keusch. “She works hard at finishing her work and puts forth her best effort. She uses her time wisely and completes quality work. Nora is an excellent listener.”

Third grade teacher Mrs. DePorre said her student, Giselle Wolschleger, exemplifies the virtue of attentiveness. “She is a respectful listener to her classmates and adults. Giselle is always prepared for class and is a very responsible student. She is focused during lessons, uses her time wisely to complete her work, and puts forth her best effort in all she does. I am so proud of all of her hard work!”

Fourth grade teacher Mrs. Duhaime said her student, Charlotte Taylor, frequently volunteers during class discussions and is extremely helpful to others. “When working on a project, she is very efficient and completes assignments in a timely fashion. I’m very happy with her progress this year, and her dedication to our classroom.”


Congratulations all!

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