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The guest lecture presented below took place in the greater context of an ongoing course of study for Everest journalism students, who have analyzed articles for content and bias, practiced writing headlines, and learned about different styles of reporting. Most recently, the juniors took a field trip to the Solanus Casey Center and Capuchin Ministries in Detroit to practice reporting firsthand.

Dan Meloy visited Miss Mellis’ eleventh grade English classes on February 28 to impart his experience as a reporter and staff writer for the Michigan Catholic newspaper. Dan said he enjoyed this new experience of teaching high school students. He shared his background prior to joining the Michigan Catholic, including writing for other local newspapers and a furniture magazine and reporting on high school sports for MLive.

Dan discussed the nature and purpose of journalism and taught the students about the inverted pyramid and narrative writing styles. Students were allowed to ask questions about his most interesting experiences on the job, the toughest parts of being a journalist, and how Dan became interested in the field. One student, Kirsty Liu, commented: “I like the way he defines journalism… [using] language to relate two people from different world[s]”. Other students said they learned about the diverse the work of a journalist and what it would actually be like to pursue a journalism career.