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Seniors from the Everest Collegiate Class of 2018 joined their parents for the annual Parent Appreciation Mass and Breakfast on Feb. 22.  The students had the opportunity to celebrate as a class and thank their parents for the many gifts they have received throughout their years at Everest. Senior Serena Carter wrote a beautiful prayer of gratitude for the parents on behalf of the class (see below). The Commencement Mass and Ceremonies for Class of 2018 will be held Sunday, May 20.

Prayer of Gratitude for Our Parents
Dear God,
You have given us the commandment to love our parents and one another. We thank you for bringing us here today to celebrate the many gifts we have been given through our parents. It is through their love that we have been drawn closer to you. We thank you for bringing us to this school and for all the graces that lie within. Help us to finish this year with gratitude and love. Fill us with your love so that we may appreciate the abundance of blessings we have been given. We are thankful for the continuous sacrifices our parents make on a day-to-day basis to send us to this school. It is through them that we have been given the resources and support to strive as young men and women in the faith. Please bless our travels and pilgrimage to the Holy Land where we will encounter you in a new way. As we finish this year, we ask your blessings on our journeys to come. Help us stay close to our parents and use their love as a model for our future encounters and relationships. Bless them in their many struggles of being a parent, that we don’t always express our appreciation for. Show us the way to the path you have made for each and every one of us, that one day we may learn to love in the same unconditional way that our parents have continually loved us. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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