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Four EA students received Mountaineer of the Month honors for November.

First Grade teacher Mrs. Fazzoni describes her student Nolan as conscientious. “His quality work is a reflection of his great attitude and effort. He is a very supportive and cooperative classmate who will often offer assistance to his classmates and teacher. He is developing a deep relationship with Christ and it is evident by the love and respect he shows everyone. He sets a beautiful example of good citizenship as well as scholarship. It is a pleasure having him in my class!”

Junior Kindergartener Ava is respectful and always does her best, according to her teacher Mrs. Reichert. “She is a good friend to her classmates and is helpful to everyone. Ava is always a great example of how to act and participate in the classroom.”

“Brandon is a model student and exemplifies what it means to be an Everest Mountaineer,” said Third Grade teacher Mrs. Ohlinger. “He is kind and considerate. Brandon follows directions and hands in quality work. He is quiet, hardworking, and shows good sportsmanship when playing in tournaments. He shares his talents by singing in the choir and is respectful during Mass.”

First Grade teacher Mrs. Massarello said her student Vincent is “a conscientious student and has been a beautiful example of the November virtue of the month: Gratitude. Vincent continually takes time to remember the kindness others have shown him and often shows this thankful praise to God during our chapel visits.  He is always looking for the good in any situation and is a very positive student. Vincent performs many acts of kindness for others in our classroom. He is a gift to all of us in our classroom!”