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This year’s All Saints’ day celebration was very special.  The day began with a beautiful Mass, concelebrated by Fr. Daniel Pajerski, LC and Fr. Timothy Wysocki, LC.

Jill Swallow, formation director for the Girl’s School noted that, among the hymns, the students’ sang Lord, I Need You “at the top of their lungs, melting the hearts of all parents in attendance.”

Dr. Ariel Ponce lent the school relics of various saints for the purpose of veneration at Mass and throughout the morning. Among the relics were a piece of cloth from the shirt worn by Saint Pope John Paul II the day he was shot, a cloth used on the stigmata of Saint Padre Pio, hair from Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and bone from Saint Therese of Liseux.  Classes took turns visiting the chapel throughout the morning where they could learn more about relics and venerate them.

In the afternoon, Everest held its annual parade of saints, followed by a celebration with treats and games.

“This feast is always a reminder that we are all called to be saints, to live our lives in such a way that we can one day join our Lord in heaven for all eternity!” said Jill.

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