The Fine Arts Department at Everest Collegiate High School and Academy is serious about expanding its resources and curriculum to strengthen the cultural development of our students, from the youngest through high school age. To facilitate this growth, two major changes were needed in the music area:  a larger space for the band/music instruction, as well as initiating a high school-level music curriculum.

To address the first, in the summer of 2017, the existing library was relocated to the Academy building.  The high school location has been converted to a large music/band room, with space for up to 50 band members, including stands and instruments, and space for additional storage. The new band chairs also can be used for the Academy general music and choir classes through fifth grade.

Secondly, school leadership worked diligently to provide curriculum and scheduling to enable our middle and high school students to rehearse three times per week, during a new “elective hour”.  Everest Collegiate High School now has its first-ever Band! (Click here to enjoy a performance.) The middle school band and choir can now rehearse together  – boys and girls in sixth and eighth grades. The changes have enabled a more rapid increase in student knowledge and ability, as well as being a great motivator for these young musicians.

Finally, through the generosity of our benefactors at last year’s Gala “Fund-a-Need,” new instruments and equipment were added to the program. A beautiful new studio piano from Piano Nation Direct is now in place, with player piano capabilities, along with a computer system that allows for wi-fi syncing with Chrome Books and other technology. The wi-fi capability allows the piano to record a piece of music to use as accompaniment, or can record small sections of music for band students to download to their Chrome Books to facilitate home practice. Two concert band timpani have been purchased. Percussionists are excited to learn to play these instruments, something that has not been part of our band experience to date.  New mallets, music, and more durable and professional choral music folders have also been purchased.