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EC junior Alex Czarnecki represented Everest Collegiate at the 60th Science & Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit (SEFMD) on March 15, 2017.  Of more than 500 entries, Alex finished in 2nd place in the Robotics & Intelligent Machines category and was one of 30 participants invited to the Michigan Science & Engineering Fair on April 1 at Kettering University.  Alex started his project in September and results so far show tremendous promise, according to his teacher Mr. Nguyen.

Following is Alex’s description of his work, and a link for a more detailed summary of the project:

“The purpose of this study is to use machine learning to write and test a strategy that will be implemented in a program that can intelligently invest in the stock market using five different stock picking strategies. The final goal is a strategy that will profit even during changes in the stock market, by using different methods for picking stocks. This study uses stock data from 1950 up to and including 2016, as well as Corporate bond data, and formulas for value, growth, income, GARP, and Dogs of the Dow stock picking strategies. Profit will be calculated by percentage of original money. This study will provide information regarding the field of machine learning in computer science, as well as providing information regarding investment strategies for the stock market.”

More details: