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On Friday of Catholic Schools Week, Everest Collegiate High School and Academy students gathered in the Boys’ School Gym for a Pep Rally in support of the EA/EC winter sports program.

During the rally, Principal Greg Reichert announced United States President Donald Trump had written a letter to all teachers, students and administrators of Catholic Schools in appreciation for their efforts. “I appreciate the many ways in which Catholic schools nurture devotion, impart wisdom, and minister to the two million students who enter their halls every day, and to the diverse communities they serve,” said President Trump. (A complete version of President Trump’s letter can be found HERE.)

As part of the rally, the winners of the lip sync competition — EC seniors:  Paul Bradley, Alex Legg, Ryan Smith, and Thomas Thibodeau — performed, and the EC basketball players squared off in free throw competitions in which the girls outscored the boys 21 to 20 (Junior Varsity) and  25 to 21 (Varsity).


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