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The Everest Parent Program hosted a special event on February 11 and 12 called “All in God’s Plan”.  The purpose of the sessions was to facilitate conversation between parents and their children regarding changes during puberty, and God’s beautiful plan for growth and maturity.

Those who attended appreciated the opportunity and information provided.  Diane Burns, mom of a sixth grader, said, “I will be forever grateful to Everest and our Parent Program for providing us with a wonderful opportunity to hear about, together, the age-appropriate Catholic view of God’s plan for growing up and all it entails!”

“The ‘All in God’s Plan’ event was very informative about all the changes going on during the middle school years,” said Karen Beggs, mom of a fifth grader. “I love how all the speakers talked about how God made us just as He planned, and we should be joyful about it.  There is so much negativity in this world.  My daughter and I came away feeling better about ourselves and the role God has for each of us.  The event opened more dialogue between us and for that I am truly grateful.”

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event possible!

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