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Everest Academy wrapped up Catholic Schools Week with a huge dose of Priest Power during February’s First Friday Mass. On that final day of this special week, our school had the privilege of celebrating Mass with seven Legion of Christ priests. Father John Connor, LC, Territorial Director for North America, presided. Fr. Aaron Smith, LC,  Fr. Daniel Pajerski, LC, Fr. Thomas Salazar, LC, Fr. Timothy Wysocki, LC, Fr. Thanh Nguyen, LC, and Fr. Kevin Baldwin, LC, concelebrated.

During his homily, Father Connor asked the students, “Do you love money or do you love Jesus?”  After they exclaimed loudly, “We love Jesus,” he went on to say:  “Everest prepares you to answer that question by teaching you how to love Jesus…. It is important because what you love determines what choices you make in your life.”

Fr. Connor said the choice is not always easy, but encouraged the students to love Jesus with all their hearts. He told them to pray and pray often, while always being nice to each other, and grateful for the gifts they have been given, especially the gift of Everest. He said a grateful heart is a humble heart, and a humble heart can more easily know and love the Lord.

Father Connor also thanked Father Smith for his service to the Everest community. Fr. Smith will soon be heading to Rome to begin his new assignment.

Thank you Father Connor, Fr. Smith, and all the Legion priests we are so blessed to have serving at Everest. There is truly no other place quite like Everest Collegiate High School and Academy!

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