EA Formation Director Jill Swallow’s office window promotes the March for Life and student’s reasons for attending.

This Wednesday night, 50 students from 8th-12th grade and 6 chaperones will board a bus for Washington D.C. to unite with thousands of other pro-life people in the annual March for Life.  This is the second year Everest has organized a trip, and the bus filled within the first two weeks of registration!

Students attending the trip were asked to write down the reasons why they are going, and here is a sample of their responses:

-“I’m marching because there are babies that can’t speak for themselves.  By marching, we give them a voice.”

-“To support our fellow Catholics!  To make a difference in the world!”

-“To support life and show that the younger generation is involved and informed.”

-“To support a good cause with my close friends.”

-“To save babies!”

-“To show my appreciation for life.”