According to her Junior Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Ratke, Magnolia Heasley is “a caring and helpful student. Every day she fills others’ buckets by helping them if they do not understand an assignment or task. She is helpful to the teacher by doing things such as picking up the floor or putting something away without even being asked. Magnolia shows her dedication to her faith by knowing all her prayers. When we go to chapel she really thinks of important things she is thankful for and things to pray for.”

Kindergarten teacher Miss Wildrick said Michael Foskett is “kind to all of his friends and is willing to help anyone who needs it. Michael gives 100% to everything that he does. He plays hard and works hard. When Michael is working, he is quietly working in his seat and giving his best. He is always up for anything that his teacher throws at him. Michael is always at peace when we are in the chapel.”

According to Third Grade teacher Mrs. Ohlinger, Cole Duhaime strives to improve in all subjects. “He works diligently in the classroom, adds interesting anecdotes during our discussions, and is always there to help another student with their work or assist in the classroom,” she said. “He loves the Lord, is kind to his peers and shares whenever someone is in need of a pencil. I am proud to nominate Cole for student of the month.”

Congratulations all!