Following are three Mountaineers of the Month for Everest Academy in November:


First Grade teacher Mrs. Massarello said her student John Neme is a “conscientious and loving student.  He always works hard and puts forth his best effort, even when a task is difficult. John exemplifies the virtue of perseverance through his determination.  In addition, he shows Christ’s love to others on a daily basis through his words and actions.”


Kindergarten teacher Miss Wildrick said her student Gigi Dietrich is a “very kind and thoughtful girl. She is always helping her classmates with their work by drawing pictures for them and including them in her play. She is always the first to raise her hand to participate in group discussions and greets everyone with a smile each morning. Gigi is a pure delight to have in class!”


Fourth Grade teacher Mrs. Duhaime said her student Alyssa Sadowski “demonstrates very good progress in all subjects. She always respects all of her classmates. She is a great listener and volunteers in class. She is self-reliant during independent work periods. Also, she has consistent work habits in class. I was especially proud of her perseverance in her forensic poem presentation. I’m happy to nominate Alyssa for the Mountaineer of the Month.”

Congratulations students!