Though the football season ended four weeks ago, the awards keep coming! EC Football Coach Mike Pruchnicki has been named Region 14 Coach of the Year.  Below is an excerpt from an email the EC Athletic Department received from Michigan High School Football Coaches Association President, Brad Bush:

“As president of the MHSFCA, it is my pleasure to announce that Coach Pruchnicki has been named one of the MHSFCA’s Regional Coaches of the Year.  This is a result of voting by all head coaches in the MHSFCA’s Region 14.  This award is a reflection of the hard work and dedication put in by Coach Pruchnicki, his staff, and team…Coach Pruchnicki has also been nominated for State Coach of the Year Honors, which will be voted on at our Board of Director’s meeting in another week.”

Congratulations to Coach Pruchnicki and his staff on a very deserving honor.