ShannonEverest Collegiate alumnus Shannon DiSalle and her classmates at John Paul the Great Catholic University in Escondido, California, recently won “Gold” at the Encinitas Student Film Festival.  The group collaborated on a short film they call “Solace”, which was recognized with the “Producer’s Award”. The film is “based on a true story about two teenagers, a guy and a girl, who know each other simply through texting,” said Shannon. “Eventually, the guy finds out that the girl is suicidal.”  She said the message of the film is to “show how much of an impact you can have on another person’s life without even knowing it.”

Shannon and her friends received the award at a ceremony on May 15, following the festival film screenings.  “My friend Erica, the film’s producer, and me, the director, were called forward to receive this award,” said Shannon. “The president of the program, Francine Filsinger, proceeded to tell the audience how the film actually made her cry, and how important of an issue teen suicide is.”

In the video at the link below, you can see Shannon and her friends during their interview about their film.  (The segment is at about 18 seconds into the video.)

Shannon will soon be posting the film online. Stay tuned to the Everest blog for updates!