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retreatboysStudents at Everest, ages 11 to 14, got to spend some quality time with mom and dad at a special event last weekend.  The “All in God’s Plan” workshop for boys took place on Saturday, January 16, and for girls on Sunday, January 17. The purpose of this program was “to provide an atmosphere of love and learning” between father and son, and mother and daughter, “emphasizing respect, understanding and appreciation of God’s wonderful gifts”. The program “explored the gift of human fertility and the beauty and wonder of growing up” and becoming a man or a woman.

Topics for girls included: When I Was Your Age, It’s Great To Be a Girl, All In God’s Plan, Overview Of How The Body Works With God At The Center, and Being A Mother.  Topics for boys were similar, including: When I Was Your Age, It’s Great to be a Boy, All in God’s Plan, Overview of How the Body Works with God at The Center, and Being a Father.

For more information on the program, contact Jill Swallow or Fr. Daniel Pajerski LC at Everest Academy.


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