The EC Senior class is currently in Jerusalem visiting the Holy Land during this most special week of the year.  Following is the first installment of information, written by chaperone Matthew Mileski.

March 27th, 2015

Arrival at the airport was quite eventful.  One by one the students arrived in various states of elation.  Some discussing the limited amount of room in their bags, others commenting on Joe’s haircut, still others reflecting on how badly Oklahoma would lose in the NCAA game, but all were in anticipation for the journey they are about to embark upon.  Through the security pre-screen, the students all took to their various culinary predilections.  Sadly it is a Friday so their choices were significantly limited.

As we fly through the air in our slightly tardy plane to Philly, the students start to relax a bit and enjoy the trip for what it is.  A step away from the stresses of normal life; a step into the extraordinary.  Time flies by as quickly as we across the continent and soon we are in the land of the steak sandwich.  (Alas! on a Friday.)

Our late arrival leaves little time for much sightseeing, but after a good dinner and another pass through security, with a cameo from Sal’s disappearing hat, we await the boarding of our plane.  Father gives us a traveler’s blessing and we board the airbus to Tel Aviv.

We settle into our seats and find that Everest is not the only school heading to Israel.  An orchestra from Ohio is also headed there.  We are offered a choice of chicken or pasta for dinner.  The pasta, of course, was quite good and we each fall asleep, in part or in full, possibly catching a film before we nod off.  At least most of us do.  Woe to those students next to the Ohio orchestra school, for they will have to listen to loud students all night.

Awakening to the smells of breakfast we found ourselves flying over Greece.  The trip is starting to set in on many of us.  The bright lights of the eastern sun shine brightly on our hearts and minds.  Making it through Customs we manage to find our tour guide and bus.  We celebrate Mass at the hotel and a group of students head off to visit the Basilica of the Annunciation.  I stay behind to get some rest and send this email.

Yours in Christ,
Matthew Mileski