Everest moms and their younger children at Everest Academy have been enjoying their “Retreat” experiences led by the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi at the school.

Formation Director Jill Swallow said the retreats offer “an opportunity for moms to spend time with their child in the school atmosphere, while being able to participate in their integral formation.”

“It is a beautiful experience to share with their sons and daughters on their faith journey.  They get to know the mothers of other children and share a little bit of the challenges and joys of motherhood.”

Moms meet in the Everest White House for coffee and a special presentation and activity.  They then get to share a snack with their child, do a craft together and spend some time in the chapel.

So far retreats have been held for mothers and students in the Everest Preschool, Junior Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade.  The retreat for mothers of students in Second Grade takes place on the morning of November 5.