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Check out our blog every Tuesday for the next seven weeks for New Teacher Tuesday, where we’ll give you a brief introduction of the newest additions to Everest Collegiate High School and Academy.

First up: Ms. Paige Ciszewski!

Ms. Ciszewski graduated from Oakland University and most recently worked as a long-term substitute at Orion Oaks Multiage Elementary in Lake Orion.

Ms. Ciszewski is teaching 2nd grade at Everest and she is very excited to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams: teach students all day long. Ms. Ciszewski says she is truly inspired by the children she works with and is very eager to share her love of learning with them.

Being at Everest is another dream come true for Ms. Ciszewski. She attended 13 years of Catholic education growing up and considers herself blessed to be teaching in Catholic schools. Everest helps form students into well-rounded Catholic pupils while preparing them for the future.

You can reach Ms. Ciszewski at