Virtue of the Month: Friendship, A Spiritual Essential

Now that we’re into the month of September, our preschool to eighth grade students are taking some time to focus on acts of Friendship and what it means to reach out to others with warmth and caring.

Friendship is shown to all of us through Christ who provides each of us our own guardian angel to watch over us during our lives. The role of the guardian angel is both to guide us to good thoughts, works and words, and to preserve us from evil. Each of us can be a guardian angel to our friends in our daily lives. We can cheer them up if they are having a rough day, appreciate them for who they are, stick up for them when others don’t and pray for them.

We should always spend more time with our best friend, Jesus. Tell him about your day, what’s bothering you and what great things have been happening. You can also pray for guidance from your guardian angel, use this prayer if you aren’t sure where to get started:

Angel sent from God to guide me;
Be my light and walk beside me.
Be my guardian and protect me.
On the paths of life direct me.