Claire Kitz with some of the little ones in Haiti.

Everest Collegiate High School students Claire Kitz and Sophia Koolwick went on a mission trip to Haiti from July 26-August 2 with the Good Girl Comeback organization.  This is the second trip to Haiti involving Everest students this summer. 

Also on the trip with were students from Marion High School, Michigan and Michigan State universities and students from Orchard Lake Saint Mary’s. Regnum Christi consecrated women April Pickett and Jenna Coughlin were also on the trip, along with Fr. Aaron Smith LC and Brother Kramer Cameron, LC.  

Below are some reflections on the trip from Claire, who raised more than $2,000 to help GGCB purchase medical supplies, supplies for the day camp, and basic necessities for the poor and destitute of Haiti. 

“The week in Haiti was a beautiful experience. I learned so much from the children and people of Haiti as well as the Missionaries of Charity. They are all joyful in the midst of so much suffering and poverty. During my week stay, I helped run the Arts and Crafts Station for our Camp at the Orphanage in the morning. In the afternoon I went to either the House of the Dying, the Wounds Clinic or the Children’s Hospital and tried to give comfort where I could. All the volunteers had the opportunity to go to Mass every day and participate in an evening session with Father Aaron called Light in the Darkness. At these sessions there was, as you can imagine, lots of discussion, lots of questions, lots of laughter, lots of sharing, but also lots of tears.

After this experience I definitely realize how blessed I am to live in a first world country, have loving parents, wonderful relatives and friends, attend an excellent private Catholic high school, have plenty of food, clothes, and a lovely roof over my head. I will always be grateful for the little things in life going forward: a meal, a bed, a kind word. In Haiti I learned more and received much more than I gave. I miss Haiti and all the children and people that I met there. I will look at the world differently because of Haiti. I hope I am a better person because of this experience. The people of Haiti will always be in my heart. I hope to go back.