The Everest Academy Math Club competed in two Michigan Math League competitions this year, the first on February 19 and the second on May 14.  Club advisor Kim Roberts rewarded her students from the Girls School who committed to attending Math Club every Wednesday during recess or lunch time for the entire school year with a pizza party.  The top three competition contestants received a certificate and a prize during the party. 

Eight grade winners were Stephanie Tanielian in first place; Monica Williams in second place; and Abigail Rankin in third place. 

Ann Beer was the first place winner for seventh grade. 

In sixth grade, Mary Beth Williams was in first place; Sophie Quirk in second place; and Margaret Allard in third place. 

Algebra contest winners were Abigail Rankin and Stephanie Tanielian in first place; Serena Carter, Monserrat Reyes, and Monica Williams in second place; and Song Ha Kim in third place. 

Here is what some of the math club students had to say about Math Club: 

Margaret Allard said, “Math Club is a great way to learn more advanced math than you are currently learning in class.  It is a fun weekly club that you can do with your friends.  I had a great time!” 

Abigail Wodrich said, “Math club was a great way to learn new things.  Math  Club is so fun!  It was a great part of my year!”