Everest Collegiate sophomore Rebecca Luttinen was one of 80 girls honored May 10 at the 9th Annual Summer Scholars Gala of the Joyce Ivy Foundation at the Marriott Eagle Crest Resort in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  The foundation supports the “academic advancement and leadership development of talented young women from the Midwest.”

Since 2006, the foundation has named 396 summer scholars, and in 2014, 400 young ladies applied to receive these summer program scholarships, the largest group to date.  According to its mission statement, Joyce Ivy scholars participate in pre-college academic programs in “some of the most academically rigorous, diverse and selective colleges and universities in the country.”  Some of the schools represented in these summer programs included Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth, John Hopkins, Princeton and Yale.

Rebecca will receive two scholarships (one from Joyce Ivy and one from the university) to attend the program at Brown University in Rhode Island this summer.  She will be taking the course on the Archaeology of Globalization.