On Thursday, April 15, Everest Academy hosted the Annual Catechism Contest Finals. It is Everest’s goal that the contest encourages our students to study and know their faith. The top three students from the 3rd through 8th grade in-class competitions had the opportunity to compete in the finals. The first and second graders held their own in-class contests.

Each of the competitions had their own excitement, but Miss Nilo’s first graders went above and beyond our expectations. The entire class went through all of the questions and, therefore, all were declared champions! They will receive a class pizza party to celebrate their accomplishments!

Congratulations to all of our finalists and champions on their superior effort in this year’s contest!

The winners include:

For the 6th – 8th grade girls, the winner was Margaret Allard, with finalists Elizabeth Westlake and Abby Rankin.

For the 6th – 8th grade boys, the winner was Tim McNeil, with finalists JC James, Alex Cousins and Chris Rea.

For the 3rd – 5th grade girls, the winners, from first place to third place, were Jenna Spadafora, Grace Byrne and Sally McGrath.

For the 3rd – 5th grade boys, the winners, from first place to third place, were Michael McGrath, Nathan Freundl and Tyler Carnes-Williams.

In the 2nd grade, the winners were Lilian Freundl, Ethan Brodbeck and Demarco Valentino.

In 1st grade class for Mrs. Massarello, the winners were Reegan Littleton, Madelyn Krappmann and James Williams.

Congratulations to all in Miss Nilo’s 1st grade!