Lilian Freundl and Paul Valentino

The EA students named Mountaineers of the Month for May are second grader Lilian Freundl and third grader Paul Valentino.

Nominated by his teacher, Mrs. Ohlinger, Paul is “a compassionate young man who is focused in the classroom and is always thoughtful and respectful to others.”

His teacher said that “after every game we play, he is the first player to shake hands and say, ‘Good game!’  He always goes to chapel and is very reverent and is not afraid to volunteer to pray the rosary.”

According to her teacher, Mrs. Bourdeau, Lilian “is a beautiful girl in every way, and most especially in her heart.”

She is an “excellent student, who always produces high quality work. Her thoughts are clear and original, she makes sure to do her work neatly, and her illustrations show a real artistic talent,” her teacher said.

Lilian “is striving to develop a strong Christian character,” said Mrs. Bordeau. “She is a good friend and strives to include everyone in her circle of friends.  She is a good example for her peers and the younger children with whom she comes into contact. She has a strong Christian faith and a love for Jesus.  Her Christian faith has borne the fruits of kindness, patience, and consideration for others.”  Lilian also “demonstrates her faith in the way she treats her family members with kindness and respect. She also shows a real interest in our study of the lives of the saints.  She demonstrates in her actions that she wants to continue to grow as a disciple of Jesus.”

Congratulations to both!