Kim Roberts, Louise Downs and Judy Miracle

On Monday, April 21, the EA National Junior Honor Society completed their “Miracle Boxes” service project.  The students collected needed items for soldiers serving overseas, boxed the items up, and mailed them.  All together, they packed 26 boxes to be mailed overseas.  Each box contained a Bible, letters to soldiers written by the Everest Academy middle school students, and donated items.

On the day the boxes were packed,  special guests paid Everest a visit, including Louise Downs, the founder and president of Desert Angels Inc., Judy Miracle, former Everest teacher and the namesake for the “Miracle Boxes,” and Korean War veteran Charlie Blain.  The NJHS president, Shane Dolan, interviewed our guests, and here is what Judy and Charlie had to say:

“I had taught at Everest for 13 years,” said Judy. “It was a great experience. Tragically, during this time, my son passed away overseas. Therefore, I joined Desert Angels to grant goods to soldiers in need of our help.”

“I was an Air Force pilot,” said Charlie. “Very sadly, my best friend was shot and killed right next to me. The soldiers that don’t return are the real heroes. So, I decided to try to become a hero myself and join Desert Angels.”

The NJHS participants also shared their thoughts.

Alex Cousins, NJHS Secretary in 8th grade, said, “It was great that we could return the favor by giving back to the soldiers who risk their lives for us!”

Victor Abraham, a 7th grade international student, said “It is good that we are helping others in need.”

Serra Lowney, in 7th grade, said, “I enjoyed packing my box with my group.  Knowing that I helped others helped me feel good inside.”

Dani Vazquez, a 7th grade international student, said, “It was my first time doing the Miracle Boxes.  It feels good to make others feel important, and more when they are doing something for you.  Thanks to the soldiers!  I have a smile on my face because I helped them.”

Amanda Beer, in 6th grade, said, “I thought it was inspirational that Charlie, the Korean War vet, came to the meeting and helped us to pack up the boxes for the people who serve our country.”

NJHS advisor Mrs. Roberts would like to thank the Everest family for all their support with this endeavor.  “It would not have been possible without you,” she said. “You are making a difference, one ‘Miracle Box’ at a time!  The NJHS looks forward to your support again next year.”