Everest Collegiate had a successful showing at the Oakland County Science Olympiad competition last weekend. “Our students had a great time building their projects and learning science,” said Nghiem Nguyen, EC Mathematics Teacher and Technology Teacher, who helps advise the team.  “What is even more encouraging is that their knowledge and skills will grow and improve for next year.”

The following students placed with their entries:

  • 3rd place — Clare Nalepa and Adi Gregor in “Write It Do It,” an event where one student describes a mystery object and her partner has to build it.
  • 4th place — Anna Nguyen and Morgan Quinn in “Scrambler.” This event involves building a car, propelling it, and designing a braking system to stop the car as close to a wall as possible.  Following are links to Youtube videos of when they made major breakthroughs during practice and their official competitive attempt:
  • 4th place — Sal Mastromatteo in “Compound Machines.” This event involves building a system of levers to find the mass of an unknown object.  Sal also had to take a physics test in the middle of the competition.
  • 5th place — Clare Nalepa and Brooke Funke in “Bungee Drop.”  This event involves dropping a “mass” as close to the ground as possible without touching it.
  • 6th place — Angela Cunningham and Adi Gregor in “Mission Possible.” The students build a Rube Goldberg machine that incorporates mechanical, electrical, thermal, and electromagnetic energy transfers.  Following is a link to a Youtube video showing how they did during a practice run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiK3uIyqqfg
  • 7th place — Chris Enea and Joe Khan in “Mag Lev,” which involves building and running a mini magnetic levitating train.
  • 7th place — Anna Nguyen and Morgan Quinn in “Experimental Design.” The students have to design and conduct an experiment using only a box of mystery items, all in under 50 minutes.
  • 8th place — Kayla DiSalle in “Boomilever,” which involves building a lightweight bridge that will hold the highest load possible.