Fabiana Diaz (right) and her friends at the rally on the U of M "Diag."
She estimates 250 to 300 people were at the Tuesday rally.

Fabiana Diaz, a 2012 graduate of Everest Collegiate High School and a student at the University of Michigan, is using her leadership skills to rally her fellow students in support of her family’s native Venezuela.  The South American country is on the brink of civil war, as protesters clash with the government there.  Following are links to news articles from USA Today and the New York Times:



Fabiana said she learned about the unrest from friends and family on social media, and decided to organize a rally at her campus.  She put together a Facebook page at the following link:


“I started planning the rally Monday, and people contacted me right away,” she said.  She estimates that about 250 to 300 people came to the Tuesday, Feb. 18th, rally at the U of M “Diag.”  The Michigan Daily newspaper wrote the following article about the event:


In addition to her classes, Fabiana works at the Dean of Students office at U of M, and will be meeting with Bobby Dishell, the Vice President of Central Student Government, on Thursday to plan the next rally, set for this Saturday at 2 pm in the same campus location.  Fabiana and some of her Venezuelan friends will be leading the rally.  One of those friends who will give his testimony came directly from protesting on the streets in Venezuela for the past week and half, Fabiana said.

For more information on the Saturday rally, go to https://www.facebook.com/events/480311425413823/.