by Monica Toohey, 11th grade

January 20, 2014, was the first time the Everest Collegiate National Honor Society (NHS) collaborated with the Everest Academy National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)  in an event.  The members of a committee from the National Honor Society worked together with Mr. Mileski, NHS Advisor, and Mrs. Roberts, NJHS Advisor, to put on an interactive “Leadership Strategy” event. The boys and girls were split into groups and given a leader. They participated in two different games, each ending with a discussion on how the leadership experience could be related to real-world situations. The middle school students learned some valuable lessons while having a lot of fun! A big thank you goes out to the National Honor Society and Mr. Mileski, and Mrs. Roberts for this successful event!

Quotes from the event:

“Communication is a big part of leadership!”

Alex Cousens, 8th grade

“[In order to be a leader] you need to find a common ground of communication”

Kyle Smith, 8th grade