Julia and Johnny


The latest nominees for Mountaineers of the Month include Johnny Morrison, in Mr. Mitchell’s fourth grade class, and Julia Massarello in Miss Nilo’s first grade class.

These exemplary students were described by their teachers as follows:

“While being new to Everest Academy, Johnny has done a terrific job adapting to life here at Everest,” said Mr. Mitchell.  “He always acts with the best interest of those around him and consistently turns in homework that is his best work.  Spiritually, Johnny is the first one standing tall at his desk as he waits patiently to begin prayer.  His behavior and attitude about school are second to none and I feel very blessed to be able to teach him this year,”

“Julia is a dedicated and conscientious student,” said Miss Nilo. “She demonstrates her knowledge of the concepts taught in class through her active participation and high quality work.  She is developing a deep relationship with Christ through frequent prayer and reflection. Julia brings joy to our class with her optimistic attitude and virtuous behavior!”