Luke Abraham, Sawyer Arbogast and Megh Patel.
Jenna Spadafora, Allison Tong and Olivia Massarello.
Adam Dolan, Alex Cousins and Mike McGrath.
Madeleine Arbogast, Regis DeNigris and Maggie Smith.

On Friday, December 6, 2013 Everest Academy hosted its Annual Spelling Bee Finals.  The top three students from each in-class competition had the opportunity to compete in the finals.  The 5th through 8th grade students competed to determine the final students who will continue on at the Oakland Press Regional Spelling Bee at Oakland University.

The fifth through eighth grade girls’ competition saw Madeleine Arbogast win the championship. The boys’ fifth through eighth grade competition went an astounding twelve rounds before Alex Cousins won for the third straight year.

In the lower grades Jenna Spadafora won the third through fourth grade competition for the girls’ school and Luke Abraham won for the second year in a row in the boys’ school.

Congratulations to all of our finalists and champions on their superior effort in this year’s competition!