Girls from the Challenge Club retreat read the prayer petitions during the Christ the King vigil Mass at Everest.
Students in the Immaculate Conception Program attending Everest Collegiate Girls' High School sing during the Mass.
Eucharistic Adoration during the evening in the Boys' School Chapel.

The Detroit Regnum Christi locality would like to thank Everest Academy and Everest Collegiate High School for allowing the use of the school’s facilities for the feast of Christ the King vigil Mass and spaghetti dinner on November 23.

About 450 people attended, including the families of the boys in middle school and high school who participated in a flag football tournament, dubbed the Christ the King Bowl, held earlier in the day on the Everest football field.  Also attending were the girls and their families who were part of the annual Challenge Club retreat at the Queen of the Family Retreat Center in nearby Oxford.

During the Mass homily, Fr. Aaron Smith LC, the local coordinator for apostolate for the Detroit locality, said, “Christ is the King who reigns in our lives. His throne is the cross and every day we need to unite ourselves to Him and say ‘Thy Kingdom come’ not only with our words, but with our lives.”

After Mass and the spaghetti dinner, many visited the Everest Collegiate Boys’ High School chapel for Eucharistic Adoration, which took place until midnight.