You have all heard about the typhoon that hit the Philippines destroying lives and communities.   Our sister school, Everest Academy Manila, was not within the typhoon’s path,but the school is organizing relief efforts for the hundreds of thousands of people who have been affected. Betty Rivera, a consecrated woman of Regnum Christ who is currently in the Philippines and working at Everest, has asked for any help, in addition to our prayers, that we can provide.  To raise money for the victims, we offered two possibilities for students at Everest Academy and Collegiate to have a jeans day. The jeans days were Monday, November 25 and Tuesday, November 26.  The  cost was $2 per day.  Many families gave much more than the required amount.  We will be sending the money directly to Everest Manila.

Not only do we have a connection to the Philippines with our sister school, but one of our Everest Families has friends and relatives there.  Click HERE for the letter from the Gonzalvo family expressing their thanks to Everest for helping the country where their loved ones live.

The results of the Wear Jeans to help the Philippines campaign are in!  We raised more than $3400!  THANK YOU EVEREST FAMILIES!!!!

Please continue to keep the Philipinos in your prayers so they may be filled with hope during this time of tragedy.  And let us always remember how truly blessed we are.