Students from the Boys' School selected to participate in the Ladies of Charity apostolic project, with Dean of Students Richard Cross.
Students George Reichert and JC James stack shelves with food.

On Wednesday, November 13, the 8th grade boys helped serve those less fortunate to commemorate the Thanksgiving holiday.  They visited the Ladies of Charity in Bloomfield Hills to unpack over 3,000 items of food.  They created an “assembly line” for the volunteers who put together bags of food for the 99 families being served by the charity.  The students who helped were Gonzalo Elizondo, George Reichert, Santiago Fernandez, J.C. James, Kyle Smith, Brendan Kelly, and Nicholas Cross, chaperoned by Dean of Students Richard Cross.

Everest has been helping the Ladies of Charity to serve the needy for the past 5 years.  The Boys’ School students help during the Thanksgiving season, and the Girls’ School students during the Easter season.  Everest has been invited back every year by the Ladies of Charity, whose “Thank You” note says it all (see photo.)