Everest’s November virtue of the month is Generosity – “the quality of being kind or generous in giving.”  

During the month, students will be learning the ways to live this virtue, including performing acts of service for others, being attentive to others, listening, being hospitable and welcoming, taking care of one’s possessions and developing the talents God has given them, showing gratefulness for gifts given, always doing one’s best work, and being kind and cheerful. 

To highlight this virtue, the saint featured this month will be St. Francis of Assisi, a Catholic friar who gave up a life of wealth to live a life of poverty.  St. Francis established the Franciscan Order of friars and the women’s Order of the Poor Ladies.  As a young man, Francis left his father’s home and took a vow of poverty.   Many began to follow his example and rule of life, which was “to follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and to walk in His footsteps.”