Thursdays after school at Everest Collegiate have become a special time to spend with the Lord.  Faculty and students have been gathering for what they are calling “Prayer and Praise” Thursdays.

Theology teachers Shane Dabney and Carolyn Mansour initiated these weekly meetings in the Girls’ High School chapel, which are becoming quite popular.  Students like senior Jackie Beltowski love the idea, describing the gatherings as “amazing.”  Sessions include music which she described as speaking “directly to my heart.”

“This is a time when I can let go, and let God,” said Jackie. “I look forward to Thursdays, and every time I go, I have a different experience, but with the same glorious Spirit! I highly encourage anyone and everyone to go to this!  We are so blessed to have this opportunity at our school!”

“Teachers always offer to pray over us students,” she said. “I cannot refuse the offer!  The first time they prayed over me, I was left in awe!  I had a wonderful experience with Christ!”

Jackie believes her experience at the prayer sessions led her to pray with a neighbor whose wife had just died. “I felt God’s presence, and knew that He specifically put the gift of these prayer sessions at my school so that it would be an instrument to help me and others through hard times.”